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Nixor Lean Process Framework

World class organisations are successfully using lean manufacturing principles to identify and eliminate waste in their operational processes across many sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, services, retail and logistics. These organisations are achieving faster cycle times, improved quality and lower costs, and some use the application of lean manufacturing to drive wider cultural change and deliver best practice across their business. An outstanding example is the transformation of the UK automotive industry.

The Nixor Lean Process Framework provides a new approach to lean manufacturing on large engineering and construction projects, focusing on reducing waste in complex operational processes. It reduces the time taken to complete these processes, enables a culture of continuous improvement and achieves significant time and cost savings.

We work with Clients to identify the most challenging, multi skill, multi task processes which present the greatest opportunity for improvement. Often these processes are not clearly defined and we facilitate gaining a full understanding of all the tasks that comprise these processes and documenting the outputs.

To improve, we must first measure. The Nixor enabling software records the start and finish time of each task within a process and any rework or wasted time between tasks. The software also provides low level task scheduling with each task in a process triggered immediately the preceding task is completed, removing wasted time from the process.

The data collected is analysed statistically and used to present the relative performance on individual tasks and processes against the norm. Evidence based prediction of future performance provides improved project planning and better risk mitigation.

By removing performance targets and focussing on reducing the mean times for processes and tasks, we promote a culture of continuous improvement with the emphasis on root cause analysis and sustainable solutions.

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