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“We give your teams a sustainable capability to deliver value faster,  improving productivity and reducing risk and cost.”

The Nixor Lean Process Framework provides an innovative approach to Lean manufacturing, focusing on eliminating waiting time from complex operational processes. It reduces the time taken to complete these processes, enables a culture of continuous improvement and achieves significant time and cost savings.

By helping to change people’s actions and habits we provide a catalyst for behavioural and cultural change in your organisation.

We work with you to identify those processes which are critical to business success or present the greatest opportunity to add more value. These may be operational processes, but can also be in design, assurance, administration, or the supply chain.

Our unique Fast Pass® App engages with users to collect data and helps bring ‘Lean to life’. Instant Insights® provides real time ‘Line of Sight’ visualisation of your processes, with abnormalities immediately evident.

We reduce cycle time and variation, providing more reliable and predictable process completion and project delivery.

We are driven by Lean Principles

World class organisations are successfully using Lean principles to identify and eliminate waste in their operational processes across many sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, services, retail and logistics.

These organisations are achieving faster cycle times, improved quality and lower costs. Some use the application of Lean to drive wider cultural change and deliver best practice across their business.

We work with your teams to embed Lean principles enabling them to remove waste, drive improvement, reduce process time and improve productivity.

We are driven by Lean Principles

Nixor Fast Pass App

To improve, we must first measure. Our unique Fast Pass® App enables users to record the start and finish of each task in the process, identifying the active time and the waiting time between tasks.

Using WiFi connected handsets users collect data in real time, and can see their tasks which are active, stopped, waiting to start or ‘due in’.

As one task finishes and the ‘ball is passed’ our Fast Pass® App alerts the next user, providing automated low level task scheduling, removing waiting time and improving resource utilisation.

When a problem occurs the user stops the task and records the reason, giving real time Loss Logging of down time, stoppages and plant failures.

Using Industry 4.0 techniques the data collected is analysed statistically and used to present the relative performance on individual tasks and processes against the mean.

By focussing on reducing the mean times for tasks and processes, we promote a culture of continuous improvement with the emphasis on root cause analysis, effective corrective action and sustainable solutions.

Evidence based prediction of future performance provides improved project planning and better risk mitigation.

Nixor line of sight Instant Insights

Instant Insights®, which is browser based, provides real time ‘Line of Sight’ visualisation of your tasks, processes, resource requirements and resource utilisation. Task events, progress and status are shown and stoppages are immediately evident.

We predict an optimistic, expected and pessimistic process completion with a traffic light red / amber / green indication of how these compare with previous performance, removing surprises and allowing early intervention where necessary.

Performance reports display overall process and individual task times with a breakdown by waiting, active and stop time.

Users can subscribe to receive reports by email when a process or task is completed or at the end of a shift or period.

Using Pareto to focus on the largest losses or variations, teams apply Lean principles to reduce waiting time, eliminate stoppages and achieve consistent and predictable active times.

Nixor line of sight Instant Insights
Nixor line of sight Instant Insights

Our approach to implementation

Our approach to implementation

Lean training and Continuous improvement

All team members attend a Lean training workshop to ensure a minimum, consistent understanding of Lean which they can apply in Improvement workshops. They play a Lean game and we introduce the handsets which allows them to get hands on experience of using the Fast Pass® App. We demonstrate Instant Insights® to provide an understanding of how the data collected will be used to identify waste and improve processes.

Understanding your tasks and processes is fundamental to improvement, and we support your teams to map their processes and identify the task stop reason codes. The processes are loaded into the system and we run ‘Simulation’ sessions to verify the process and ensure users can confidently use the handsets and the Fast Pass® App.

Go Live starts with a Data collection phase and, once sufficient data has been collected to provide a baseline, proceeds to Predictive running.

Data presented in the Performance reports is used in Improvement workshops where your teams use their Lean techniques to remove waste and improve process performance.

With coaching and further Lean training we ensure your teams have a sustainable capability to improve their processes and maintain the benefits for the long-term.

Lean training and Continuous improvement
Lean training and Continuous improvement

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